M Turtle with Buckback Existence – what would you say?

As we drive off into the shady world of lobbyists of greed and power, on a tiny road Ms. wanna-be turtle trying to turtle the success of revelation behind her shady existence wanted to lead by example leaders of justice, integrity and unwracklessness. She was a blonde turtle seen with my unprejudiced eye – so important but brought to stalk us on this small road of truth. I wish her luck and those turtles who she lobbies for. Some turtles are simply blinded by the sped of their governors as they move toward values, truth and everything they’re not. Good luck M Turtle . Your experiments like abberations of humanity ina manner of Dr Mengele’s deviant life purpose will make you the only Ginny pig on he small road you push righteous but have no choice but to follow us? Either by trying to stop us or simply having no choice but to eventually give up and go live your turtleous life. Love light and blessings to you M Turtle with Buckbacky stalk.


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